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I hate that people are taught that earnest displays of affection are acts of desperation. I hate that we are taught to be coy, to minimize, to make people guess how we feel. If keeping it cool requires deliberately avoiding how we feel, it’s no wonder so many adults are messed up.

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I felt you kiss me in my dream last night… it was so vivid. I could feel your stubble brush my cheek as you pulled me closer… and then I wake up to see that… no one will ever make me feel the way you do and I’ll never have you… we’ll never have our chance, and it’s killing me.





i live in constant struggle between “you’re wrong” and “but i don’t want to start shit.”


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I can’t wait to start making my own short films that include my favorite songs.


i honestly don’t know how to tag this because it’s not nude…and i’m not showing anything specific…i’m sorry lol
You already know how much i love your pictures honest-babee. I’m just happy you submitted haha.

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